Thursday, January 26, 2006

Random Thoughts.

Ticket Master is frustrating.
I don't really care about 19th century London Street life
My Morning Jacket-Z is a good album
Papers are a pain in the ass, as are presentations.
I should really watch more 24.
I need something to drink
this post is pointless.
I gotta find a better job, subsequently I hate my job.
Augury means the practice of divining from the flight of birds etc; divination
I think I like Hamlet even more now
the royal rumble is on Sunday, I doubt I'll watch it
Astonishing X-Men is back out in febuary. Hooray!
2 days until Coldplay!
I wonder who that Anonymous comment was.
Anthony Hopkins is awesome.
That is all.

Current Comic:Uncanny X-men Claremont
Current Music:My Morning Jacket-What a wonderful man


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