Thursday, January 12, 2006

Things I don't get.

So. This was the first official week of school. Went pretty good overall I'd say. Fellow R'sider is in one of my tutorials or seminar or whatever the hell they're calling it now. Also a guy name Thor is in there as well. How awesome is that?
Which brings me to my first topic. Celebrities naming their kids something stupid like, oh I dunno, Apple. Apparently Chris Martin is having another kid. One can only hope that they come up with something better. And I seriously hope they don't name it Orange.
Second. What is with this phenomena of merging celebrity names together when they become a couple? I mean it started obviously with Beneffer which was annoying. I guess it still is, cause isn't he going out with what's her name from alias? But today on muchmusic's much on demand (quality program) they had this whole Brangelina thing. Which I guess would have been clever had it not been on much. Seriously though what is with this phenomena? I don't get it.
Finally I forget who, but Richard or Graham brought this up. Why is "My Humps" rated so high on the charts, if no one actually likes the song? I haven't found a single person who likes this song. The only theory I can come up with is, that its one of those things where people hate it, tell other people to listen to it cause its so bad, and it just keeps getting airtime and moving up. I cant see any other reason for it.
Anyways that's my stupid rant for the day. Im going to go read shakespeare.

Current Comic: Ultimate Fantastic Four-Millar
Current Music: Maximo Park-Kiss You Better
Current Shakespeare: Hamlet
Current Other Reading: Fairy Queen-Spenser


Anonymous Stevie K said...

I like My Humps.

And speaking of Brangelina, I'm trying to get more bran into my diet.

6:42 PM


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