Wednesday, March 22, 2006

2 weeks left.

It's hard to imagine but there's only two weeks left in the semester. Thankfully. Actually this semester hasn't been all bad. Come to think of it, its been better than most.
Like today. Had that presentation. Even though I didn't "kill it" (which for those that know me well, isn't surprising) I did do pretty good. Infact in an unprecedented turn of events, I had about four people come up to me afterwards and tell me they really enjoyed it. The T.A. seemed to think it was pretty interesting too, so I guess that's something. At least its one less thing to worry about.
So I'm thinking I wanna do something this weekend. Dunno what, But I think I'd like to do something that doesn't involve me sitting in my basement. Or movies. At any rate I'll keep you posted.
Oh. A side note, I was watching the MuchMusic VJ Search (why I don't know), but one of the finalist today said that the reason he wants to win is because he idealized Rick the Temp. Which got me thinking, I really hope this guy doesn't win cause a)he seems like a real arrogant dick and b) who the hell idealizes rick the temp?
Anyway I'll end this post by leaving you with a playlist I created strickly for the presentation. Had to get myself in the right frame of mind so here it is. Do with it what you will.

1. AC/DC-Thunderstruck
2. Foo Fighters-Best Of You
3. The Strokes-Last Night
4. Spoon-Jonathan Fisk
5. Modest Mouse-The View
6. Jimi Hendrix-Manic Depression
7. Wolf Parade-Shine a Light
8. Fleetwood Mac-Go your own way
9. The New Pornographers- Letters from an Occupant
10. Journey-Dont Stop Believing

Anyway thats it.

Current Music: Proclaimers-Over and Done with
Current Comic: Superman-Buisek


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