Thursday, March 02, 2006

SFU washrooms are disgusting.

God. For all the "intelligent" people at university, I don't understand why the student body, cant figure out HOW TO FLUSH A GOD DAMN TOILET! Of course it doesn't help matters, when the custodians neglect to do their job, and actually maintain the damn place. Like today. One of the urinals was busted in the AQ, and it was leaking all over the place, and what great idea did they come up with to fix it? Electrical tape across the front. This didn't stop people from actually using the damn thing. Which only added to the disgusting state the washroom was in.
Seriously, the horrific state of the washroom facilities at SFU are mind boggling. Basically there are few washrooms left that I'll actually step foot in, and their numbers are rapidly decreasing. Soon, I'll only be left with the six floor in the AQ. YOU PEOPLE MAKE ME SICK!

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