Monday, March 06, 2006

Things I wasn't able to do tonight.

1. Tolerate the taste of coke. Or rum.
2. Watch the Oscars-Damn you clooney
3. Add numbers correctly-In the span of a min I went from 300 under to 9 over, I hate closing out.
4. Predict the best picture
5. See the Canucks Win

I did however finish both my essay and King Lear. Even though my keyboard is now busted and im on my old piece of shit one. Came third in a poker tourney with people who actually play. Also ran into an R'sider at work. I think I'll stop watching the oscars when Keanue Reeves wins one. Or even gets nominated. Alright thats it.

Current Comic: Spiderwoman-Bendis
Current Music: Destroyer-Rubies


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