Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Stupid Logic.

Well today wasn't productive at all. Although I did pick up an extra shift at Petro-can. So today wasn't productive at all.
Speaking of petro-can. Anyone hear bout that other gas station attendant who got hit by a customer driving off? I don't know the details other than one of the employees was in training and the other should have known better. Its only money after all, not worth your neck. So let the people be assholes and drive off. I fear im not making sense. But that's usually been the case these days.
Anyway. If you noticed my last post, you'll notice that I recently got money back from the government. I was going to invest this into buying Jowen's bass and probably still will. But like all my wheeling and dealings Im having second thoughts. Mainly on the issue of whether or not I'll have the drive to actually learn the bass or if its just a happy after thought. Even now when I see a Bass player on Much, I think I could be "trying" to do that. Then I wonder if it'll be worth the $150 to invest into something I might not ever take seriously. Although in the end I'll probably still end up investing (if he wants to still sell it) but as it stands i'm at a crossroads.
The question now becomes how does this affect you? And the answer is it doesn't really. Im just thinking and pondering the days events. Wondering why I watched an edited version of Scarface. And if anyone wants to play Risk and watch me get drunk in my basement this weekend. There could be kaluha.....And on that note I better end this post. Cause it doesn't seem to have a point.

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Blogger Divyesh said...

Risk! I haven't played that in years. Only once before in fact. So I'm in for that.

As for the drinks, just have a couple at Houstons then head back for the game. Keep going from there if anyone wants.

1:55 PM

Blogger Dunning said...

Yeah. But part of the drinking at Dunning's is its cheaper. And with everything coming up and the Bass purchase. Dont want to spend all that much more money on booze.

5:47 PM


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