Saturday, April 29, 2006

Durnken Dunning

Me are to drunk. Me are not sober. Cab fare to expensive. Cab not smell nice. Me need conversation. NO conversation equal no tip. tip hahhahahah. Me no fear tip, tip fear me! all bow down before tip! Why no public urination facility in moving vehicle parking spots. You know me mean. I mean bus stations and sky train. To prevent crack heads from peeing? fuck crack heads me need pee now.
Oooh spin rooming. How many coke me drink? one rum two rum three rum Aslan! stupid name this aslan. Aslan all powerful. Like greek god. You know who greek god? Me greek god. All bow down before dunningism.
Ten commandments of dunningism.
commandment 1. beeer before liquor equals no fun at all
2. you all suck
3. give me money
4. i need money now
5. women now please
6. thou shalt not steal my women
7. if thou touch my rum i smite them
8. buy me shit
9. hooray
10. you smell
Not enough places to pee. Seriously is this to prevent bums to piss in public? cause you can send them to me, i'll set them straight. Ill kick them in the head. Oooh so drunk am i. This be retarded. Me sleep now. You all hell. Huzzah!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

So I guess you had a good time then?


12:36 AM

Blogger Dunning said...

The cab ride home was interesting.....Why the hell did i keep drinking doubles?

12:51 AM

Blogger Graham said...

Because, to paraphrase an older Durnken Dunning post, you are awesome ten times.

1:14 AM

Blogger Dunning said...

Glad to see you're feeling better. Yeah im begining to think paraphrasing Classic Durnken Dunning posts is a good idea. The quality of the last few posts have been going downhill.

2:21 AM


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