Thursday, May 04, 2006


Anyone catch Lost tonight? This maybe the greatest sci fi show since Star Trek. Or Buffy. And coming from me that's saying a lot. But man that episode tonight. The cliff hanger actually shocked me. And I usually don't shock easy.
I think Im going to go buy season one on dvd if I can find it cheap. Maybe Im just impressed with it so much because its really the only show I've followed as of late. TV has sorta been subpar as of late. Aside from like Deal or No Deal which is really addicting and Ultimate fighter I haven't really been following anything else. I tried to keep up with 24 but school got in the way. I haven't watched a single season of Sopranos, so there was no sense getting into it now. Eventually I'll get caught back up in Smallville but it's Smallville. I should probably get caught up with Veronica Mars too. Why the hell am I rambling about this? What was the point again? Oh yeah. Lost is awesome. You should all watch.
Alright. Well I was going to rant on music for a while, but I've sorta given up on this post. I'll end it by saying lately I've been listening to The Futureheads. And you all should too.

Current Music: The Futureheads-A to B
Current Comic: Alias Omnibus-Brian Michael Bendis


Blogger M Rexin said...

I have the first season if you want to borrow or burn it.

10:51 PM

Blogger Dunning said...

where did you buy it from? And how much?

12:33 AM

Blogger M Rexin said...

I got it for Christmas, but it sells for around 60-70.

7:41 AM

Blogger Heather-Anne said...

I know what you mean abou subpar. I loved Firefly--Canceled. But most Sci-Fi shows are anyone. I have the same problem grad school is keeping me from being able to follow any TV show.

6:00 PM


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