Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Days off.

Does anyone else out there find Glenn Beck really annoying? I don't know why I bothered to watch his show. Come to think of it I don't know why he has a show.
Anyway, its my last week of freedom. Its been a glorious four months of non productivity. It really has. But alas, I venture back to the hallowed halls of SFU.
I got my books last week or this week. No last week. Either way it saves me having to wait in line come Tuesday. I also replaced my library/student card after a semester and a half of not having one.
I think this weekend I'll be heading down to the Night market in Richmond. Atleast those were the initial plans. Im looking forward to going, being my first time and all. Maybe I'll buy some throwing Stars. It'll be the last line of defense for Petro Canada employees.
Isnt this post Awesome? Oh and speaking of awesome, I'll be testing out the podcast this week to see how a trial run goes. So I guess tune in for that. Well you don't have to. Anyway look out for the podcast. Oh and not that anyone cares but Comic Con pics will be up tomorrow finally.

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Blogger M Rexin said...

I hate Glenn Beck with a passion. His comments towards Latin Americans were not only rude, they were racist and disrespectful.
I'd love to give that guy an ass kicking

8:24 PM


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