Sunday, August 20, 2006

Why cant you love a nerd.

That was the most painful and humorous conversation I can remember having in a while. Though its made me realize just how much my nerdish ways have been solidified into me. If that makes sense. Basically I've stopped fighting it. And in an odd little way im almost slightly proud. Maybe its an only child thing. Well probably not. My views on the only child thing I'll save for a podcast sometime.
Getting back to the topic at hand. Sort of. I think that when I do the podcast my inaugural posting will be a reintroducing of Dunning and my nerdish ways. Then I'll probably do a weekly or a biweekly podcast which will probably break down like so: part one pick one topic and discuss. Part two will probably have something to do with comics (cause lets face it, its me). There'll be other little segments I'll throw in as well. However I'd probably or would like to end the podcast by answering questions. If I ever get any.
Anyway that's the structure Im going with so far. And If ever the opportunity arises I may throw in a durnken podcast everynow and then. We'll see. Man this post did not come out the way I had originally planned, so im going to stop now.

Current Comic: 52 weeks-Johns, Rucka, Waid, Morrison
Current Music: I need new tunes.


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