Tuesday, August 15, 2006


So. For a time now I've been debating whether or not to bring this blog to the next step of its incarnation which would be the podcast. However, listening to a bunch of other podcasts that are out there, such as movies and comics (which are entertaining) I wonder if its worth it for me.
One Im not that entertaining. Aside from when I drink and we've all come to a conclusion that podcast is a lost cause. Two I'd just be talking about the same shit I already talk about, that no one cares about and or reads. Three I'd be a nerd with a podcast. Im fine with being a nerd, but does the internet really need another nerd with a podcast talking about who would win in a fight daredevil or batman? We all know its Batman anyway. Anyway I'll Keep thinkin about doing it. Maybe if I get that program off Graham, the one where I can actually have the ability to edit the podcasts, then id might be more inclined.
Anyway I gotta go get ready for work. So im going to kill the remaining time re seizing comic con pics and Soduko.

Current Comic: Amazing spiderman volume 7-Lee
Current Music: Pixies-Debaser


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