Monday, August 14, 2006

Kevin Smith.

So I just finished watching Ebert and Roper. Kevin Smith was filling in for the absent Ebert. I gotta say the guy is a great writer. You could tell that talent transferred well into his criticism . Having read a lot of his Graphic Novels Im not really all that shocked. The guy has done some of the best Daredevil and Green Arrow I've ever seen. I guess I just realized (while watching that) that Im more a fan of his writings and his musing than even some of his movies. If only I could write that good. Or you know write enough to get published.
Also some crap hit the fan at work. So now im working ever day this week. I wasn't involved in said crap and don't know much of the details so I wont go into it here. Just know though that now my time is limited to Friday and Saturday. Which means someone else may have to pick up tickets for snakes on a plane.
Well that's pretty much it. Later.

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