Monday, August 21, 2006

Rolling Stones.

Well. Today Rolling Stones tickets went on sale for the general public. I had already got a lower level ticket on the presale so I wasn't really expecting anything. However due to some luck I managed to get floor seats. Not the good floor seats mind you, cause Im not stupid enough to put down $360 bucks per ticket. Just dumb enough to put down $176. But since they're floor seat I now feel justified in the purchase. Also I now can systematically sell off that single. I know exactly who will buy it to.
While I was waiting for ticketmaster to release them I started listening to Magneta Lane. Its pretty good stuff. I also wrote what could be a possible podcast theme song. Only its incredibly horrific. Which is one reason I may keep it. So think of this sung by me backed behind a Bass, and a synthed up keyboard.

Cmon Pull up a chair
its time for a dunning podcast
Well I know that you don't care
But this is going to be Duntastic
He'll tell you his drunk views about plastic
so cmon pull up a chair
pull up a chair.

Like I said its horrible. Should I change it? I think I might have to record it first. That would probably be a good start. But look for the podcast to be up in about a week or so. God I cant believe I've talked myself into this. Hooray?

Current Music: Magneta Lane-Wild Gardens, Rolling Stones-Sympathy For the Devil
Current Comic: Justice League of America-Meltzer


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Blogger Dunning said...

Im glad someone out there got it. However I thought the mergence of Dunning with fantastic was an obvious choice.

2:06 PM

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