Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Comic Con 2006

Well here it is. Comic-Con. The reason for the delay was blogger was being a bitch. But anyway they're up now. Also if you want to see more of what Comic-con is like go here

Comic Legend Stan Lee

Marvel Editor in Chief Joe Quesada

Holy Fuck its Joss Whedon!!!

insanely Popular Marvel Artist John Cassaday

Comic artist Legend John Romita SR.

Popular artist John Romita JR.

One of my Favorite authors Jeph Loeb

great marvel writer J. Michael Straczynski

Marvel writer Paul Jenkins he's probably in my top 20 this year

Marvel Writer Greg Pak

Great artist Gabriele Dell'Otto

Current Wolverine Writer Marc Guggenheim

Great DC writer Marv Wolfman

All time great George Perez. One of the nicest guys at the Con.

Hey everyone its Kurt Busiek

DC writer Mark Waid

Greg Rucka. Pick up his Queen and Country title.

One of my favorites Geoff Johns

Grant Morrison. His writing style is a bit askew but I still like it.

Artist Terry Dodson.

very good author Gail Simone

Artist Alex Sinclair. He did a sketch for me.

Writer Brad Meltzer. Gave me a book. It aint half bad.

Jim Lee. Perhaps the number one artist in the industry.

That is next to this guy. Michael Turner. Who is still my personal favorite.

Bill Willingham. Pick up his fables

Rosario Dawson. For those that don't remember she was in Sin City and Clerks 2.

Mike Mignola creator of Hellboy.


Shit I bought

Shit I got Signed

What I thought of Amtrak!


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