Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Frack you SFU

Step 1. Build a campus on top of a hill.
Step 2. Add snow and ice and poor planning.
Step 3. Unleash hell.

Holy crap that was a nightmare. It took me an hour and half no scratch that two hours to get home tonight from campus. In fact I wouldn't have gotten home at all if it wasn't for the kindness of some strangers, who turned out to be some pretty cool people.
Basically at 5:30 they tell us that the buses have been closed down due to bad road conditions. My first offer for a ride home came from a person in my class which was cancelled. However her car is forever jammed in that lot. So she decided to stay up on campus. Then I waited down by the buses while trying to figure out what to do. Two girls started asking drivers for rides. They were refused twice by EMPTY VANS (assholes). Then I joined them in trying to procure a ride, finally someone stopped. who happened to be going to coquitlam and we hoped in. After taking an hour and half to get down the fracking hill. With one side swiped bus, 8 cars in ditches and about 12 other abandoned cars we finally got out. Dropped the girls off at the lougheed skytrain. One apparently is in my class, the second was her biology prof. And the driver and I seemed to know a few people being both from port coquitlam. On the way into poco we had to push an old lady's car well we didn't have to but did it anyway. I couldn't let another person be stuck tonight. Even further into poco the poor dude lost his front bumper, we both tried to reattach it before throwing it in the back seat. The rest of the way went smoother...thankfully. So yeah that was my fun time tonight. On the plus side at least now I know someone in my education class. And at least I didn't have to endure a four hour Canadian lit course. So some good came out of this hell.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was nice of you to help out the old lady, good karma's coming your way.


10:04 PM

Blogger Steve Kwan said...

Let me correct your article.

Step 1) Cut a hole in a box
Step 2) Put your junk in that box
Step 3) Make her open that box.

And that's the way you do it.

3:58 PM


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