Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Comp...

So I just set up my New Comp today. So far so good. Installed most of the hardware, downloaded the latest messenger crap. Now comes the boring and pointless process of transferring everything from the old to the new...though I might just say to hell with that. And keep it all on the old. Its nice to now have a) no viruses b) massive amounts of memory c) in accordance to a) a virus protection that actually works. Still trying to get used to this new keyboard and mouse set up though. I'm sure it'll get worked around. Anyway I'm going to do some much needed reading and watch some much needed Battlestar.

Current Comic: Wolverine-By Frank Miller and Chris Claremont
Current Music: trying to find The Knife and see why pitchfork put them at number one of 2006


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