Sunday, September 30, 2007

Arctic Monkeys.

Just got back from concert number two. It was Awesome. A lot of fun actually. Well the opening act kinda sucked balls. It was like listening to a heavier morrisey but with less talent. Thankfully they only played for 40 mins who ever the hell they were.
The Arctic Monkeys however put on an awesome freaking show. Really. Maybe I just didn't expect to much. Maybe I didn't know what to expect. Maybe I'm just getting better at doing the whole concert scene solo, but I had a lot of fun.
And yes, I did dance. A lot. I'm starting to feel the after effects a little bit. Actually there was a lot of fun to be had at this concert considering it was an all ages show. I normally hate all ages shows. Teens annoy me. What can i say I'm cold hearted. However tonight was fun. I keep saying that a lot. So I guess it must be true. One of the highlights though was the drunken soccer mom dancing beside me. One she danced like a cross between my uncle and Elaine off of Seinfeld. Two is it me or should soccer moms not know anything about this band? She wasn't even with any kids. So i guess she doesn't really qualify as a soccer mom then. Ah hell I'm rambling.
This weekend though has made me realized that I need to go to more concerts. Of bands I like. So that's what I'm going to do. I'm still trying to track down some broken social scene tickets. And I'm gearing up for stars in November. I might even take in a little Ted Leo as a warm up to broken social scene. Either way I'm back having fun. There is no downside to this plan. Only that I may become a scencester (which i hate) but really how far away was i?

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