Saturday, June 16, 2007

Cant put into words.......

You all know how much of a comic dork I am. What you might not know is that I actually like the Fantastic Four. Alot. I was sorta excited to see the Silver Surfer on screen. However knowing how bad the first one was (which i still haven't seen) I was just a tad hesitant.
I tried to keep my expectations low enough as not to bring about my disappointment. However that was not humanly possible.
I've never been this bored in a comic book related movie. Hell I've never been this bored in a movie period. This was all around bad. I'm not even mad that they didn't make a good Fantastic Four Movie, I'm more pissed that they made a shitty movie in general. I want my ten bucks back. Seriously.
I cant put into words really how terrible this was. Good god that was awful. Comic book movies have to have a certain feel. This just made me feel violated.
Seriously marvel. Recast and Revamp. And please give me my ten bucks back.

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