Wednesday, September 05, 2007

New Pornographers.

So alot has been made about the New Pornographers new album Challengers. You know, when I first heard this album I wasnt really sold on it. At all really. Infact I thought it was very standard. But Ive listened to it a few times now, and I think all the critiscm it recieves is very undeserved.
Carl Newmans song writting is solid and very much improving. It may not have the impact of past albums that the indie "supergroup" has produced. I dont think anything will surpass Mass Romantic personally. I dont mind the direction they're taking this album though.
This album has a lot of solid tracks. Like the title track Challengers, Go Places and Adventures in Solitude. Still they may not be as fondly remembered as Letter from an Occupant, Ballad of a Comeback kid or even Sing Me Spanish Techno.
The strength of this album truly shines with Dan Bejars contributions. I absolutly love Myraid Harbour, Entering White Cecila and the end track the spirit of giving. I really dont know what it is about Dan Bejar thats so captivating. The man could sing the instructions on a Raid bottle and it would still come out amazing. He's like a modern day Dylan. At least to me.
In the end this album is still good. And I'll probably at least listen to it alot before the next New Pornographers album comes out. Which may be a while. I may just have to settle for a Destroyer album. Which is also something Ive got my fingures crossed for. It'll be interesting to see them live again. Im sure its going to be a wicked show as always.

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