Tuesday, October 02, 2007


For all my comic enjoyment over the past few years. I have never been able to really say that Ive enjoyed something as much as this book. This is possibly the greatest fantasy comic of all time. I'm sure there are others that come close. I'm sure some try to pack just as much adventure, fantasy and humor.
However as sure as i am of all this, I am sure it all falls short. Nothing can compare to Bone. This was just enjoyable from beginning to end. I know its cliche to say but its true.
The dragons, the rat people, the lord of loctus, lost kingdoms and of course The Bones from Boneville. You could say this book has it all. And you wouldn't be lying. Im serious it does. Its a modern day lord of the rings. Except with Jeff Smith you don't get long drawn out paragraphs chronicling everything you could possibly think of.
What you do get with Jeff Smith, is quality writing. A certain understated sense of humor that will just make you smile. Like a calvin and hobbes panel.

Every time i think i have this book figured out Jeff throws a curve ball. You really get to know these characters and this world. You get to connect with them in every way possible. Feel for them. Their triumphs and heartbreaks. Their imperfections. Its all believable and yet not so much.
Jeff Smith has received so much success from this book that its even being reissued again in color by scholastic. Did I mention this was black and white? Some might not be drawn to that form of graphic novel but I tell you this, it is so worth it. I mean yeah it looks great in color. The black and white however is where its at. Seriously. I guess in the end without spoiling anything all i can say is really this: This is better than the last few Harry Potter books. Close to the lord of the rings. And just a kick ass book all around. I wouldn't say it surpasses Alan Moores the Watchmen but it certainly cracks my top ten of great graphic novels.

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