Friday, October 08, 2004

Comics and other things.

So bored Im blogging. It occurred to me that I don't talk about comic's enough on this site, and that I should probably put more details than just listing what Im reading at the current time. Maybe I'll start to write some reviews of certain issues. But I don't really feel like turning this blog into another comic review site. Anyway, today was crappy there was really no point for me to actually go to class today, it was only a tutorial and the tutorial today was a let down. Im starting to think that Canadian Public Admin was a mistake, I don't really care to go into it too much, but the gist of it is, its a crappy class.
Though we had a guest speaker in the last lecture and that was pretty good, had some interesting stuff to say but it still doesn't change the fact, that the course material for this class, is perhaps the most boring stuff I've ever had to read.
What else? Oh I was thinking of putting some "serials" on here eventually, but like the reviews, Im not sure I want to turn this, into a blog where I publish mediocre writings. Plus I only have two written now really, and writing more would require me to put time and effort into it, which I cant really afford at this point.
Anyway that's really all I wanted to say at this point, I think I'll go play some more X Men Legends. Or, maybe I'll go watch some tv, either way I gotta get away from this computer for a while.

Current Comic: Teen Titans and The Legion Special-By Geoff Johns and Mark Waid
Current Music: The Decemberists-the legionnaire's lament
Neutral Milk Hotel-The King of Carrot Flowers, pt 1
William Shatner-Common People


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