Saturday, February 19, 2005


Well. Im just about out of here for the day, but before I leave I thought Id update this thing again. Today I finished my paper, its 100% done and almost a week early. Tomorrow will be spent finishing up on my reading and visiting with family that's coming over. I'll probably end up doing something in the evening as I haven't done anything for a while. What exactly, Im not sure yet.
Other things. I've really been wanting to do some Mad Libs or Crosswords. I have no idea why, but I think tomorrow I may go out and waste some money on them. Or at the very least do the crossword in the paper. But I guess all that will depend on how much work I get done.
Not much else to say. Finished Neon Genesis Evangelion volume 5 the other day. It was pretty good. Im at the part where Shinji just discovered "Adam". Things are just getting a bit darker now, and subsequently a bit more cool. Anyway all this Eva talk has made me realize that I should go start reading volume 6. So I think that's what im going to do.

Current Comic: Neon Genesis Evangelion Volume 6-By Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
Current Music: Super Furry Animals-Valet Parking


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