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A year in Comics 2004

Alright, so it's been quite a year for comic geeks everywhere. So now (as promised), you're look back at some of the best writers, artists and comic runs of 2004.

Best Comics of 2004
1. Identity Crisis
Alright. So, I've never really been a big DC reader (aside from Superman and Batman) up till this point. But this was the series that got me over the hump so to speak. Identity is toted as being one of the best comic's of 2004 and I tend to agree. Identity Crisis writer Brad Meltzer portrays the DC universe in a new light. He also manages to "destroy" its beauty with a single blow. I don't even want to discuss the plot of this, as I'd probably end up ruining it for you. All I can say is if you haven't already read this, shame on you. Be sure and pick it up in the Trade's.

2. Astonishing X-men

By far the greatest single X-men book out there today. Mind you this isn't coming from an unbiased perspective. Those who know me, know I am a huge Joss Whedon fan. And as such, its no surprise that his X-men run makes it on to the list. What is surprising is, its not number one. The series its self is great, and Cassady's art work is some of the best I've seen this year. All in all, its a great read, and the way they brought back one of my favorite characters, was simply breath taking. I love the work that Claremont does with the X-men books but it fails far in comparison to Astonishing.

3. Secret War

It was hard to pick just one of Brian Michael Bendis's book. His work on Daredevil is consistently good, as is his work on powers (one of my favorite series) and Ultimate Spiderman has been great. But Secret War is probably as good as it gets. The only gripe I have with this book is the waiting period. Its well worth it when it comes out, but it seems to take for ever. This series has made me even enjoy Nick Fury whom I've always hated. But then maybe hates too strong a word.

4. Superman-Azarello and Lee& Superman and Batman-Jeph Loeb (tie)

Okay, so it was really hard for me to pick between the two. I mean both are great. Superman has really been enjoyable. Its nice to see a human quality, in the man of steel, without having Clark Kent thrown into the mix. Of course what can you say about Lee's artwork? Only good things that's what. Its simply amazing, he just may be the very best at what he does. At the very least he's one of my favorite Superman artist thus far. No one draws the cape better then him. Superman/Batman has been a blast, I'll be sorry to see Loeb leave after issue 25 but all good things must come to an end. The Supergirl story line was outstanding.

5. Green Latern: Rebirth
Perhaps the second biggest event book, this year in the DC universe. The return of Hal Jordan as Green Latern, has been nothing short of fantastic. Geoff Johns's work on Teen Titans and Green Latern, would be just two of the reasons, that he's quickly becoming one of my favorite DC writers. Anyone who can get me to care about Robin, is alright in my books. Oh, and the arts not bad either.

Honorable mentions
6. Powers-Best Bendis book out there. Best book out there, that doesn't directly involve super hero's....Kinda.

7. Wolverine The End-Its the end of Wolverine. OH NOES! Wait a min, this is good, Huzzah!

8. Ultimate Spiderman-Simply great stuff. How does Bendis do this?

9. Ultimate X-Men-Fun series, more of a classic feel.

10. Return To Barrow Downs-Niles does great stuff, and I had to have a Vampire story in here somewhere.

Best Writers of 2004.
1. Brian Michael Bendis
His work on Powers, New Avengers, Avengers, Ultimate Spiderman, Secret War and the Pulse. Puts all others to shame. The man is simply brilliant, hilarious and over all a nice guy. I still owe him a dollar forty nine American.

2. Joss Whedon
Another genius. I can not say enough about the man who created Buffy. His work on the X-Men title, is simply outstanding. I had my doubts, but he definitely proved me wrong. And all I can really say, is Im really looking forward to Serenity. And I hope he does get the go ahead on the X-men movie. Though these Wonder Woman rumors sound promising as well.

3. Jeph Loeb
Guy did great stuff on Superman Batman. Also loved his Hulk Grey, and Catwoman when in Rome. I mean the man did Hush. I shouldn't have to say more then that. Although I could.

4. Geoff Johns
Teen titans has really turned into a fun series. As well, his work with the new Green Latern is outstanding. He never ceases to amaze.

5. Steve Niles
The man has made me love the Horror genre all over again. So much cool shit I cant even begin to analyze it. From the whole 30 days of night series, to secret skulls, and Remains. I've really enjoyed his work. Even enjoyed Alastar Arcane and his stint with Rob Zombie.

Honorable Mentions
6. Azarello-Good superman stuff.
7. Kurt Busiek-Good DC stuff all around.
8. Brad Meltzer-The one who did that Identity Crisis thing.
9. Strazinsky-Did an Amazing job on Amazing spiderman.
10. Mark Waid-enjoyed his superman birthright and his other stuff is good too.

Best Artists of 2004
1. Michael Turner
This was a tough category. Im not much of an art guy. Even when it comes to comics. Frankly I don't care about the art, so long as the story is good. However, that being said, Turner's art blows me away. And how many covers does this guy do a year? Really I'd like to know.

2. Jim Lee
Man does a good Superman. Between Turner and Lee Im not really sure which one's better. That being said, Lee's work continues to be one of my all time favorites, and I look forward to his stuff in 2005.

3. John Cassady
Never really heard of Cassady, up till the Astonishing X-men hype. I gotta say much deserved hype. It took some time, to get used to the new look of some of my all time favorite characters. But its really grown on me. And the fact that Joss is on the title probably doesn't hurt his case either.

4. Tim Sale
Loved his work on Hulk Grey, and Cat Woman when in Rome. Sale always gives a classic feel to his characters. There hasn’t been a series (especially when he’s teamed up with Jeph Loeb) that I haven't picked up. The two are perhaps among my favorite comic duo to date.

5. Brian Templesmith
Okay, so we all know its important to convey a mood in horror. If you don't feel like your in it with them, its hard to get involved. Same goes for comics one could say. So mixing the two genres is nearly impossible to pull off. But somehow he manages to do it. And doing it well.

Honorable Mentions
6. Gabrielle Dell'Otto-great stuff on Secret War. This one's painted.
7. David Finch-Great stuff on Ultimates.
8. Alex Ross-One of my all time favorites, cant wait till 2005
9. John Romita Jr-always loved by comic geeks everywhere.
10. Clayton Crain-Great Stuff on Venom Carnage. Only reason I continued on with this.

And now I leave you with the best Heros and villains and groups of 2004.
1. Superman-My all time favorite superhero. And the only reason I still watch Smallville
2. Spiderman-The numbers cant be wrong. And the books aint bad either
3. Wolverine-He's Canadian. Oh and the best at what he does.
4. Gambit-The Ragin Cajun
5. Kitty Pryde-Best Power ever.
6. NightCrawler-Bamph!
7. Daredevil-Consitantly a great character.
8. Green Arrow-makes me laugh. And I think he might be insane.
9. Batman-Im Batman.
10.Colossus-He's Russian, what more can I say then that.

Best villians
1. Darksied
2. Magneto
3. Lex Luthor
4. Dr. Doom
5. Joker

Best Groups
1. X-Men
2. JLA
3. Teen Titans
4. Avengers
5. Thunderbolts

So that's it. What awaits in 2005 Well, Only time will tell. Stay tuned for Comic Corner updates from this blog.


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