Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Why has thou forsaken me?!? I dunno what it is, but my luck with English classes has never been very good. My last semester at Douglas, I had to read Thomas Pynchon Gravity's Rainbow. Now, I know of only one other person, whose actually familiar with Pynchon's work and even he couldn't finish it. Not only that, but in that same semester I had to read Moby Dick. I dunno if any of you have actually read Moby Dick, but by the time I finished with it, it had me seriously questioning why we call that a classic.
And now for this semester, I get the pleasure of reading Beowulf. Okay, so I've been assured that the plot is more or less pretty simple. But the style is confusing and if wasn't for the cliff notes (located within the book its self) and the wonders of the internet, Id have no idea what is going on.
However, I am 30 pages into Beowulf right now. And I hope to finish it by Friday, so I can start to work on the essay. All in all though, the classes are actually pretty cool. The English (monsters and monstrosity) is actually pretty fun, and the philosophy aint bad either. It be even better, if the professor could remember to show up on time, instead of an hour late.
Anyway, Im going to go do some work. I'll update later, when I have some spare time, which will probably be Friday. So Expect some stuff up then.

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