Tuesday, January 18, 2005


So, one book down 10 to go. Well approximately 10. Im coming to the conclusion that this Monsters and Monstrosity class is going to be as good as it gets. The material is entertaining and the prof isn't bad either. Plus we get to watch a lot of cool movies along with other bonuses. Today I heard Beowulf in its original translation and watched scenes from Gladiator. I love this class.
I still haven't got my bed yet. They keep saying its delayed. For some reason I don't believe them. Its just a pain in the ass. Im tired of sleeping on the floor.
There was something else I was going to blog about, but I forgot what the hell it was. Anyway, I know I said that those reviews and all this other shit would be up today, but as you can see, it obviously isn't. What can I say, I lied. It'll be up by Thursday or Friday.....Or will it? Well probably, unless I get busy finishing up this essay. And now here for your enjoyment a list of songs that were stuck in my head today: Beyonce-Crazy in love, Arcade Fire-Wake Up, Notorious B.I.G.-Big Poppa, Kayne West-all falls down and finally Asbestos Concern-Bob's House of Earthly Pleasure.

Current Comic: Ultimate Nightmare-by Ellis, Majestic-by Abnett
Current Music: Arcade Fire-wake up, Keane-somewhere only we know, Asbestos Concern-Rocky and Bullwinkle


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Yeah, Big Poppa fits in with my schema for you.

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