Monday, January 17, 2005


Okay. Just a few things that I thought, I'd pass on to all of you. First, we now have links (thanks in large part to Richard). So, now all I need is to put up some pics and we're good to go. Second, I know I said I would post a bunch of stuff on here about 2004. But honestly I've had better things to do, they'll be on by Tuesday at the latest.
So now on to other things, Suave Mofo's have started out their season, on the same way they ended their last one. With two loses. However, with a new look, new attitude and much improved skill level, we may actually be able to win a few games this semester.
Anyway, next week for those that don't know, I'll be turning twenty three. I think. Actually I completely forgot that my Birthday was coming up this week, until other people told me so. I dunno what I'll be doing yet for it. Hopefully it'll be something somewhere though. Anyway that about wraps this up. I think Im going to go do some work now.

Current Comic: New Avengers 2-By Bendis, The Pulse-by Bendis
Current Music: Mclusky-she will only bring you happiness, Solomon Burke-don't give up on me


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