Wednesday, March 30, 2005

School Review 2005.

I figure now would be a good a time as any to do a review of all the books I had to read for this semester. Why? That's a good question. Well I don't really have a reason. Anyway Enjoy!

Beowulf-translated by Seamus Heaney ***
As far as literature goes, this was pretty cool. Monsters, Warriors and Dragons what more could anyone want? Well probably that the translation make some sense. It works for the most part. Stylistically its not your run of the mill poem either, which gives it a certain.....I don't know what. Either way it works. A pretty good way to start the year.

Dr Faustus-by Christopher Marlowe **
Renowned playwrite Christopher Marlowe, attempts to wow audiences with Devils, Satan and dark magic a like. Sure it sounds all well and good, but when it gets right down to it, nothing really happens here. Dr Faustus is supposed to be a slow decent into madness, but the only one who goes mad, ends up being the reader. Is it just me or is this a Seinfield episode gone horribly awry.

The Canterbury Tales-by Geoffrey Chaucer *
I was going to give this a half of star, but I felt bad doing so. I really didn't like this book, which is odd cause I usually like crap like this. Unfortunately the Cantebury Tales turned out to be indeed that, crap. If anyone has read this and can actually understand it, please come talk to me. But until then I think I'll stick with my Shakespeare, at least that I can understand.

Frankenstein-by Mary Shelley ***
This book was not, what I was expecting at all. Though some parts of it were a bit long winded, it still ended up being fairly entertaining. Its amazing how hollywood, and pop culture has come to ruin one of the greatest monsters of all time. If you're a fan of horror, I highly recommend this.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight-Translated by Marie Borroff **
I never knew much about the Knights of The Round Table. It was just something I never got into. However this tale of heroic deeds, opened up a new genre for me; it turned out to be not as horrible as I thought it was going to be.

Dracula-Bram Stroker ****
Nothing like a good Vampire story. Might as well start us off with the best, or at the very least the most influential. Like frankenstein it tends to get dry in parts, and you find yourself wishing that at least one of the characters would hurry up and die already. But aside from that, this story was pretty good, and who doesn't like Van Helsing?

At the Mountain of Madness-by H.P. Lovecraft *
I guess I have to give this book something. I mean it did turn out to influence a lot of horror writers, and literary works that came after. But this book really, really, really sucked. The concept was really cool and had tones of potential, and still is kinda cool in the grand scheme of things, but when one is reading it, one is hating it. If you thought Dracula, and Frankenstein were dry, and way too descriptive, you aint seen nothing yet.

Malory: The Morte Darthur-edited by D.S. Brewer ***
Yet another Knights of The Round Table, based book. This is a collection of short stories and 'events' revolving around the slow demise of the knights of the round table. It was pretty interesting to see how it all played out. And was fairly easy to understand, for the most part. Not a bad piece of fantasy literature.

Interview with the Vampire-Anne Rice *****
Awesome, Awesome piece of fiction. Perhaps the best piece I had to read all year. Captivating, good pace, and written in a language comprehendable to modern man. I never knew much about Anne Rice novels before, but I may have too check out one or two more in the summer. Though I cant say enough good things about this book.

Antony and Cleopatra-Willam Shakespeare ***
Though not the best Shakespeare play it still managed to entertain. It was however a tad confusing at some points; and a lot of the death scenes I just didn't really buy into that much. Other than that though, it was still pretty good, no Hamlet, but still not a bad read.


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