Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Well, my school year is over and done. I don't really want to make too much of it right now, as Im pretty tired. Its been a crazy couple of days. Finals are a harsh mistress. Anyway, I've gotten to experience the crappyness that is early morning finals; and the late into the evening finals (which I just wrote today).
I apologize for any miss phone calls, I know there was a couple, but studying at that point was a priority for me. I do intend to return the calls at some point. So, it looks as though my week and weekends, from now until September are free(more or less). This week, I plan on catching up on some serious DVD watching and video game playin. I also plan on reading plenty of comics. And at some point, im going to purchase either an IPOD or a PSP. I haven't really decided which yet, but Im leaning more towards the IPOD. Anyway, that about wraps up this little update. I'll update tomorrow about other stuff. Now, I leave you with my top five things I'll miss from SFU 1) Monday Mayhem with Rexin. 2) English 399 Monsters and Monstrosities 3) that crappy pub 4)the library 5)SFU Curling

Current Comic: Secret War-by Bendis, Phoenix Endsong-by Pak, Countdown to Infinite Crisis-by Ruka, Johns and Winick
Current Music: Tom Petty-Free Fallin


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