Saturday, April 02, 2005

Sin City

I sit down at a dusty old computer. Tired, fatigue is setting in. Rubbing my eyes I see the reflection of an old coke can, its hypnotic glow, teases me, tempts me for a sip. The keyboard is fresh and new, I begin to type; a review must be read. The voice of the people must be heard. The hum of the computer over shadows my thoughts as I begin to gather steam and head on into the review. Its late, or early depending on your perception of time. The theatre was packed to the rafters, a couple hundred, maybe a thousand cramped into one space. The credits role, and the screen turns to black and white, flashes of color here and there. We've entered into the world of Sin City. Franks World. A world filled with excessive violence and hookers. Good clean fun. The violence pours on to a screen, and yet Im captivated, cant look away. The plot thickens with its usual twists and turns. How'd these kids get in here, isn't this 18A? Bruce Willis gives a great performance, as he castrates his way to glory. Only rivaled by the sheer brutality of Mickey Rouke's portrayal of Marv. Questions race through my mind, isn't that the chick from the Gilmore Girls? How can Elijah Wood look that creepy, what happened to the fun loving hobbit? The movie's almost over now, things are starting to become a bit clearer. Only one thing bugs me, what was the point of Josh Hartnett's character why have him in there.......Oh.....Credits Role, satisfaction fills me, seats empty, mine as well. I leave happy, and I am forced to do the only thing I can do. Im forced to give this movie a good review.


Blogger Graham said...

You've got to be kidding... Josh Hartnett's character was one of the best things about that movie (in the limited time he was in it). I would have loved to see more of that storyline.

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