Friday, December 16, 2005

Monkey Love: A review of Kong.

Alright. Well as you probably can tell, I went to see King Kong tonight. I'll say this. It was really really good. Peter Jackson makes stunning visual movies. Naomi Watts was great in it, and Jack Black can actually act. Who knew? The downside of the movie is that its a little long. It was necessary I think though, I've heard some people say you could have cut some of that stuff out, but you could say the same for any movie. Peter Jackson knows how to tell a good story, knows how to develop his characters and get what he needs out of his actors. Therefore I'll give him the benefit of the doubt if its a little long. Frankly. This movie was worth the admission. And I'll be surprised if its not at least nominated for something come Oscar time. Don't quote me on that though.
Also. If you think your going in there to see Kong smash shit up for three hours. We'll you'll be sorely disappointed. Kong smashes things yes. But this isn't a nonstop action thriller. Its just an overall good movie with stunning cinematic visuals.
NOW. On to something where, I hope I can keep my composure. It falls under the category of "why must people be so lame". Perhaps this is just me, perhaps this is just how I roll. But when I go to a movie, I go to see the movie. I want to get lost in the story, I want to be entertained.....and this is important.....BY THE MOVIE. Now, making the odd comments in a theatre is alright in my books, I wont knock anyone for doing, hell I've done it. What I have not done though, is give a FUCKING PLAY BY PLAY through an entire movie. You know, it wasn't even about the play by play. I mean I didn't want that, I could have waited for the fuckin dvd to hear director commentary, but what really got to me and everyone in the general vicinity was the comments about the most blatant obvious shit. "Oh look a bat" we know its A GOD DAMN FUCKING BAT. There are fuckin bats everywhere. He's in a cave filled with BATS are you dense? It appears as if they were though. As this continued through the entire three hours of the movie. Infact I should have picked up on there lameness when they said during the previews that vince vaughn is a god. Funny yes, god no. We seemed to be surrounded by the lame tonight, as it was coming not only from behind but also from the side. The side however wasn't as annoying. That laugh is forever burned into my brain. I just don't get it. I seriously don't. THREE HOURS THREE. Even when one of us finally said something it didn't stop. I've seen teenagers more mature and considerate than this and they were stoned!AAAARRRGGGGGHHH!!
If Peter Jackson hadn't made such a stunning movie, with an excellent cast. I might have had the mind to say fuck it and walk out. And I have never walked out on a movie yet. But I tell you my friends I came close. Ask Divman, Rexin and Graham, they'll all tell you the same thing. So I still have to wonder "WHY MUST PEOPLE BE SO LAME???"

Oh and ps. If you're wondering. I give this movie a 9. And most assuredly one and a half thumbs up.

Oh and for Graham Divman and Rexin "KongKongKongKongKong"

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