Saturday, December 03, 2005

Thank You....You made my night.

Some thank you's to get out there. First a big thank you to my fellow co-worker for bitching out the evenin shift employee. We complained about him showing up late for too long. Im glad one of us finally said something. A second big thank you goes out to the people who walked into the doors. Thanks for providing some entertainment for the evening. A third thank you goes out to that guy who called us fags for not giving him the washroom key so he could most likely smoke up. Thank you for making me realize im actually cooler than some people. Finally, a big thank you goes out to that gas attendant who phoned the fox. Thank you for bitching out the general public for not knowing how to prepay, and thank you for telling the general public that they're dicks. Viva Le Resistance my good friend.

Current Comic: Villians United-Simone
Current Music: Foo Fighters-DOA


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