Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I know you'll all make fun of me after this post. But I have to say, Alice in wonderland is quite possibly, now my favorite "children's lit" that I've read thus far. The one great thing about being an English major, is you get to take literature off in a whole different perspective. Especially when working with something like Alice in Wonderland. I guess I took for granted how influential this book has been as im beginning to see the global aspects of it come to the for front.
Getting back to my original point though. Alice in Wonderland can be interpreted in so many different ways (especially ways I never would have thought of) that one begins to see just how awesomely messed up this book is. Take the example of my paper for it, even though I've now hit a wall on trying to connect the political satire of the book to pastoral literature it really doesn't matter, cause I can just take the paper in some other direction (once I think of one).
Finally. The last great thing about Alice, is the adaptations. There also seems to be this whole sub genre to it emerging in popular culture i.e. Gwen Stefani video, Matrix, video games, I could go on but I wont. The best and perhaps most creepy adaptation I have been able to see is this really creepy stop motion movie done by Svankmajer, this thing will give you nightmares. You all should watch it. Alright well this has been perhaps the most self indulgent post I've made in a really long time, and in keeping with that theme, I will now list off my favorite Destroyer's albums, just because I can.
1)Streethawk: A seduction 2) Destroyer's Rubies 3)Your Blues 4)This Night 5) Theif

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