Saturday, March 25, 2006

Durnken Dunning

Damnt. I've had way to much to drink tonight. I dont know what im going to say on this blog post. Honestly I have nothing to say. had a good time at divs party. Thats newtons fifth law. good time=hellz yeah. and whooo. God New West makes me feel dirty. I thought poco was a craphole. But apparently the majority of B.C. is.
WWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOO. Limozene riding. Jet Flyin, wheelin dealin kiss stealing son of a gun. God damnt this blog is too much effort. Spin is rooming. I think I will talk now about the plans for the summer. Formula one. Learn to play the bass or the drums. I think im leaning towards the bass a because i could probably findone thats not too expensive and two i think it would be easier. Two. Write the great Canadian novel. I think this could be easily accomplished after April 23rd or soemthing like that. I've already developed plot and characters now i just need time. Three. Open a strip club called the basement. Where strippers are judged on three categories 1. Dancing skill 2. Song Selection (song selection is key) and 3. How much they take into Newtons second law.
Newtons fifth law. I need a monkey. A spider Monkey is perfered. He could be my second in command of this strip club. If you started shit in my club Id send the moneky after your knee caps. He'd be named Alfonzo or Kal-el. I havent quite decided. I think he would be trained in the deadly arts of finger painting. What the hell.
Newtons sixth law is to obey newtons fifth law. Which is to obey Alfonzo. Who will bring a world of pain. Just ask Vikram (random vikram mention number one). I think I need someone to make me a pole for the basement. There in we could have Pool, Darts and a pole for stripper adutions. Not to mention Mario Kart. I think that would be my final exame. I run a tough ship. What can i say.
hmmm. I think now I will discuss Eckphrastic situations. Nah. I just wanted to say Eckphrastic. Now that I have said it, i realize there was no need. Which is newtons eight law of fuck all. me spell bad. Me sleep now. boom boom chicky chicky egg.

Current Comic: House of M Decimation-Claremont
Current Music: Rolling Stones-Satisfaction or whatever...


Blogger Graham said...

For the benefit of those who weren't fortunate enough to participate in the live action portion of this Durnken Dunning post, Newton's laws are as follows:

1) Holy shit!
2) Fuck yeah!
3) Graham does all
4) (unspecified)
5) Good time=hellz yeah

2:25 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's even more enjoyable to read this as a complete outsider and to have no knowledge of what went on that night.

8:19 AM


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