Thursday, March 30, 2006


So I'm reading a lot of Oscar Wilde lately. Mainly because I have to. However, I'm really surprised at how much I actually enjoy his works. I read The Importance of Being Earnest before, long ago. It never really stuck with me. Now though as I finish up The Picture of Dorian Grey and move on to Salome I begin to quickly realize the sheer brilliance of this individual. All his Wildisms like "All art is quite useless" and other jabs at high society in the 19th century had me laughing to myself and probably getting odd looks on the bus.
Perhaps, most fascinating. Was the life this guy lead and the some what tragic end that came of it. I think for the summer a long with the Shakespeare I am going to track down, I'll try and track down some of the Wilde trials, again its supposed to be a fantastic read. Although, Im not sure Im ready to say Wilde is my favorite 19th century writer, I can see he's slowly climbing the ladder. Ah well, I guess that's enough ranting about stuff you don't care about. Im going to go finish that essay. Poker tomorrow. Hooray!

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Blogger Dickolas Wang said...

I loved Oscar Wilde's writing. He was such a card.

2:44 AM

Anonymous Stevie K said...

The Canucks beat the Minnesota Wilde last night.

9:16 AM


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