Friday, May 12, 2006

The game of world domination.

Anyone up for some Risk on Friday. I hope so cause I really don't want to make alternate plans. So I figure some Risk and playin some Cube while getting drunk will do us some good. All are welcome. Just get in touch with me some how. Though knowing all who read this blog. You'll be hearing from me first. Bah!
On a totally unrelated note. Am I the only one who doesn't see the point of upselling water? ITS WATER! Oh well. I hate upselling everything. But money is money. Dunning's tip for the day. Be nice to those who sell gas. It's not our damn fault the prices are high.

Current Music: Radiohead-High and Dry
Current Comic: Alias Omnibus-Bendis


Blogger Roonie said...

Um, I don't exactly know how to play either of those gamesies...

2:32 AM

Blogger Graham said...

Well, so much for my plans. I don't want to play if Roonie's not going to.

3:33 PM


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