Thursday, May 18, 2006


I dunno if anyone saw it, but the actions that occurred during Berry Bonds last game was disgraceful. I don't really support Bonds. Or baseball for that matter, but no one deserves to get a baseball chucked at his head five times at ninety miles an hour. Even more to the point, the pitcher left to a standing ovation. Yeah that's classy.
You know. We really need to lay off our professional athletes a little. Its just sports people. Its just a game. It actually in the grand scheme of things means nothing. Besides all Bonds really did was take an illegal substance. Which makes me realize that the people who critise him (a good majority) are hypocrites cause who hasn't used an illegal substance at one point or another (aside from me). Hell half of the province of bc is probably stoned right now.
Come to think of it. Wasn't Babe Ruth an alcoholic? And abusive? Well im not sure about the abusive part of it, but I think the former is right. So if you think of it. Bonds isn't all that far off from the man who already held the record. It should be noted that I have no real knowledge of Baseball at all. Though by reading this you probably already figured that out. Im going to stop ranting about shit I don't know about. But I'll leave by saying I seriously never want to see that world cup ad ever again.

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Blogger Dickolas Wang said...

An "illegal substance" that gives him an unfair advantage at baseball. He can drink himself silly, I don't care, but the "cream" and the "clear" are a bit like a guy putting a laser sight on his biathlon rifle. It ain't right.

12:03 PM

Blogger Dunning said...

Still doesnt give them the right to throw a baseball at his FIVE TIMES! Besides steroids aside you still have to have some ablity to actually hit a ball. I could beef up to 250 and I still wouldnt be able to knock out 50 or more homeruns in a season. Not to mention the fans want more homeruns anyway. Maybe if Bonds wasnt such an asshole this wouldnt even be an issue.

1:53 PM

Blogger Dickolas Wang said...

My point is that Bonds is different from Ruth, a lot different, because alcohol doesn't make you better at baseball. Ruth hit his homers despite his alcoholism, whereas without steroids Bonds was never a threat to hit 50. And I'd say that most of the people criticizing him have never taken illegal performance-enhancing drugs to make them better at their jobs, that's a pretty athlete-specific thing.

People (especially Americans) really really care about baseball, which is maybe stupid but it's something I can relate to and so I understand why people have turned on Bonds. It's pretty clear that he's disgraced the game. Sure he was never that likeable a character to begin with, but people have also turned on McGwire, who was likeable.

2:35 PM

Blogger Dickolas Wang said...

But you're right, trying to hit him five times is a bit like Bertuzzi going after Moore. That ain't classy either.

2:36 PM


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