Monday, May 15, 2006

Petro Can Washroom No More.

Ugh. I know I haven't been bitching about work lately. Well maybe I have. But I haven't been writing about it. Well maybe I have. At any rate. I came in today to find that on a previous shift. Someone or a group of someone's had broken the washroom key and decided to do some art on all the walls of the bathroom, along with some of the outside walls of petro can.
At any rate this made us (me and my coworker) pretty pissed off as we were left to clean it. So we bought some powerful cleaning stuff. That not only did most of the job, but gave me a huge headache. As you can imagine not having the key to the washroom created a lot of problems. And a lot of angry people. Angry people fall under my "why must people be so lame".
Like the guy who came in after I told him it was prepay. WHICH IT WAS. And as I was dealing with a customer decided it was enough for him to chuck a twenty in my face with out saying anything and storm out. This is lame. Its also lame to pay with a huge sum of change. Its also lame to leave a jacket and keys as collateral and never come back for it. And finally it is extremely lame to give us fake twenties.
If you fall under these categories at all. You shall be forever lame. Also if you can't realize that at night its prepay and then you give us crap for it. Lame.
I've had it with lame people. Maybe that's just how I roll. But maybe, just maybe I'm right.

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