Friday, May 19, 2006

I just don't know.

Yeah. I dunno if I really wanna see Da Vinci on opening weekend. I mean its going to be packed. I imagine this movie setting numerous records at the box office. Or at the very least doing very well. I read correction I listened to the book on Audio Tape. I enjoyed it. Probably more cause I didn't have to read it.
You know I think English is slowly killing my desire to read anything. Not that I was big on novels before. Aside from a few sci fi and horror. Lately though all I've been readin are graphic novels. Which comes to no surprise to anyone who reads this blog. I can recommend a few such as Alias by Bendis. It has nothing to do with the show. Powers By Bendis. Y the last man etc etc etc.
I don't really know why I recommended anything to you people. As I know you will not read it. However all this talk about comics has brought me to another point. X3 is opening very soon. I am trying to get excited about it. But at the same time I am trying not to have high expectations. The dark phoenix saga has always been a favorite of mine. It'll be interesting to see the direction they take it. Because obviously they're not going to recreate the original. The plot sounds alright from what I've heard and read. So at the very least I'm interested.
Really though I think the only movie Im really looking forward to (comic wise) is Superman Returns. I have really high hopes for it. And will be very pissed off if it sucks. So many people get this character wrong. I just hope Singer gets it right.

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