Saturday, May 20, 2006

I wasted 7.95 on THAT?

Okay. So I went and saw MI3 today instead of seeing Da Vinci. Now Im really trying to see the positives for this movie. Really I am. But MI3 is (I'm sorry to say) a big pile of stinking crap.
The dialogue is awful and the plot twists predictable. As you all know I am not a big fan of Tom Cruise. Honestly though, he wasn't really the problem. The movie just sucked. Sometimes they do that. Even discussing this on the way back, im not sure I ever figured out what the Rabbits foot truly is.
There were a lot of minor plot holes. Not to mention a lot of laughable dialogue. Examples can range from "And you didn't... sleep in the same bed with your little sister?" to "It's a myth that chocolate makes you fat, but I've eaten my share, and look at me now" and I'll spare you the details of the cat story.
Basically if I have to rate this movie I'll give it one and a half stars. One star for Hoffman. The half star for the Superman Returns trailer.
Like I said I tried to find the positive. This really just wasn't a good movie. Don't even get me started on that soundtrack. Needless to say, Mr. Cruise will be receiving an angry letter in the mail and a bill for 7.95.

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