Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My eyes hurts.

I really should be sleeping right now. I didnt watch the Oscars. I really was only interested in two categories. Director and screenplay and I was happy with the result of each.
Heroes and Lost have been taking up a lot of my time. Last episode of Heroes has totally sucked me in. Not that i wasnt already, but cmon how good was that!? The verdict is still out on the Black Donalley's or whatever its called.
The Canucks still have me puzzelled. Why do we always loose to the blues? And why the hell did we pick up Sopel? Isnt that why we got Mitchell?
I havent been up to much other than essays. Went to Karaoke. Tried to do Roxanne, but it just wasnt the same. Im going to see Meatloaf this friday. Yeah you heard me. Meatloaf. Im a sucker for rock opera, what can i say. Speakin of rock opera, Tenacious D was last week. It was good too. Not really what i expected but well I dunno what i expected. There's a few more concerts i wanna see coming up too. I'll post more on those later. Also going to post the comic stuff tomorrow when im on break probably. If i have time and not passed out in the AQ like a hobo. Universities need more bean bag chairs.

Current Comic: Strangers in Paradise-Terry Moore
Current Music: Lily Allen-Smile


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