Saturday, March 10, 2007


So today was a lot of fun. First the kids in my Language Arts class made paper mache mummy masks. Which was messy, interesting and hillairous. "My eye my eye" "his eye his eye". I guess you had to be there. Next in P.E. i impressed a few grade 8s with my mad hockey skillz. It was good to be in goal again, even if it was to stop a whiffle ball. But I guess what i was most happy with was that I could start to take a little control of the class. As the teacher wasnt actually there for the first bit. Kids seemed to respond, which was both nice and reassuring for the future. Things have been on the up. Still looking for that job. Hoping I get one soon. But we'll see. Really looking forward to Frank Miller's 300. Though the "visually stunning" reviews have me worried. I have faith though. Franks stuff is awesome and it was a good graphic novel. Speakin of I just bought his Daredevil Omnibus. Its like my 6th omnibus now. Damn essential comics. Oh well. Its Daredevil and Frank Miller how can i not buy it. Anyway I'll write a review of three hundred later. This better not suck.

Current Comic: 300-Frank Miller, Daredevil-Frank Miller
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