Sunday, March 04, 2007

You took the words right out of my mouth.

So I saw meatloaf last night. I had pretty good seats(not great but good). The opening act was okay. Typical female singer songwriter. Her voice was good but the clarity for the audio in the coliseum sucked. It didn't improve much until the intermission.
I guess the highlights would have to be: Paradise by the dashboard lights and Hot Summer Night. Meatloaf always has good on stage presence and actually puts an act on during the show. Which is sorely lacking in most concerts. I miss the spectacle of rock.
I hope one day that I'll actually find a karaoke place to do either of those songs listed above. Or any of his material really.
In unrelated news does anyone know when the labor day weekend is? See, I was in class the other day and I was listening to an author talk give a lecture. He was talking about his book and said he wrote it on the labor day weekend for some contest. So i thought to myself why not do that!? I'm going to try. However I'm lazy and probably wont. This seems like a good enough time to end this post. I'm not even sure why I started.

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