Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mouse Guard Fall 1152

So, its Lord of the rings meets the Knights of the Round table; but with mice. I cant exactly describe Mouse Guard any other way. Honestly I love these kind of graphic novels. When the creator, in this case David Petersen takes time to actually create a world with history and depth, you really appreciate the work more. I dunno maybe that's just my thing. In the Preface Petersen himself states that he got the idea as he scribbled down "Mice have a culture all their own. Too Small to integrate with other animals." And its the culture and way of life that perhaps is the most interesting aspect of this well crafted book.
I remember seeing the issues out on shelves and thinking to myself that's kinda cool. At the time though it was a little to out there for me. Wizard Magazine however kept pumping it out as one of the top ranked indie comics of the year. Fans seemed to generate a lot of buzz for it too. And where the fans go I go.
The one problem with creating a world with such depth is that you may feel a little overwhelmed. Certainly there was a lot of character development.
The plot stayed true to the fantasy genre. A lot of action and adventure. A lot of tales of heroic deeds and legends woven into enrich the culture. Territories mapped out and plotted with Tolkienian fashion. There's definitely history here. You feel that the Guard has been around.
Petersen wrote and illustrated this graphic novel. And Well the art speaks for itsself. Its really great stuff. Its a style I cant really describe. Cause again, the lack of art knowledge. So here's a shot that might give you an idea.
Now I ask you, how can you not love that?

Overall Mouse Guard Fall 1152 is a fantastic read as a collected graphic novel. Which is good, cause from what i hear you cant find these issues on the shelves anymore. However we shouldn't fret "Winter is coming". Which means sequels. Which consequently means a happy Dunning. It'll be interesting to see where Petersen takes his characters in the weeks to come. Along with what new obsticles the Gaurd will have to face. So if you havent already. Do yourself a favor and pick this up. You wont regret it.

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