Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Victory is mine...sweet justice.

So you may have or may not have read my last related work post in which i described a few of our regulars. Well one of them today "creepy bald headed dude" got caught shop lifting. My boss has reviewed the tapes and now he is banned from the store. OH HAPPY DAY...OH HAPPY DAY...OH HAPPY DAY...I have been given the right to say "you have been banned get the fuck out" and to call the cops. A method you can bet I'll enforce. His face is getting plastered on our wall of shame.
Speaking of getting plastered. I had a few drinks tonight. Oh and I bought a bottle of wine for Friday. Oh yes my friends the weekends going to be oh so good. I tried some Asian beer tonight. Didn't really like it. Still, it beat Canadian. But then everything does lately. On a related note...I am an ass. Or at least I'll feel like it tomorrow. On an unrelated note the beard is sorta coming in nicely. sorta. I'm giving it two weeks starting today. I'll see how i feel about it come November. Later people.

Current Comic: Strangers in paradise-terry moore
Current Music: Air Supply-Making love out of nothing at all


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