Monday, October 11, 2004


So, apparently I cant get into msn now. I don't get why, it keeps rerouting me into trouble shooting upon log in. It makes no sense, I've checked the comp for viruses and stuff, and it came up clean. So why I cant get into msn is beyond me. Its just really frustrating.
Also, went to curling, lost again, though I think im finally getting the hang of this game some what. Im starting to actually stick shots, roughly around where they're supposed to go. And we only lost the game because the other team had last rock anyway, and made a decent shot. Only other notable news from curling is that I only fell once this time which was good to see. Im still disappointed that we didn't get the win however, so I think our record is o-4, ah well.
what else? It was good seeing Rich back for the weekend, it was odd not being the only one in my basement, been to long.
Anyway not much else to tell really. Got some reading to catch up so I'll be doing that tomorrow, but I'll find some time to post about something, what though I don't know.

Current Comic: Wolverine-By Mark Millar
Current Music: The Wrens-She Sends Kisses


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