Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Quick post....50th blog???

Anyway, just checked my grades for the exam I just wrote a while back. I passed in case your wondering. Anyway Im starting to near my 50th blog; which I think, I'll have to do something for. What Im not sure, maybe I'll revamp the entire blog. Maybe I'll write you all a story. Maybe I'll put up some pictures chronicling the 50th blog party. Maybe I'll even come up with an idea that's actually good. Anyway I figure since I don't really know what to do with it, that maybe the readers of this blog (if there are any) can help me decide. Suggestions are welcomed, no matter how ridiculous. Well I guess we'll just have to wait and see how this all turns out. For now though I think Im going to go do some more reading.


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10:36 PM

Blogger M Rexin said...

apparently I am concerned about your milestones. So, in respect to the 50th blog, I propose an expedition. It's up to you to figure out where, but I propose an expedition, or if youre too lazy, just actually write some sort of a short story for us. Write a short story about Lionel and the Cat. Ok, an idea just came to me as I was thinking about the balding girl at school. List something involving the number 50, maybe 50 best things. wait, lists are my gimmick. Ok, write a story involving Lionel and the cat and the number 50. there you go. take the ball and run, bitch.

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