Friday, December 03, 2004

So here we are.

Okay, well I couldn't really think of anything to post about. So I was going to make a list of the worst songs out there right now. All I could think of was two, U2-vertigo and Greenday-American Idiot. I know there are a lot of horrible songs out there, but I couldn't really think of them. I guess I could throw in any one of the Eminem singles off of his new cd. Or anything relating to Jessica Simpson or Ashlee, god that Christmas special was awful. Who keeps letting them on tv? I mean really. Anyway, I plan to start that 5oth blog stuff I was going to do, now that I actually have time to publish it. So I'll probably be looking to do some of it this weekend, or Monday. Tuesday Im headed downtown to get started on X-mas shopping and Im also going to look for stuff for my room. Im redoing my room this year. Totally redoing it, floor and all. I'll probably post the pictures up on here when I finish with it (if I can figure out how). Anyway not much else to say. I wanted to do that list of horrible songs, but what can I say Im lazy, so here's of list of shows I watch when Im bored out of my mind.
1. Daily Show 2. Smallville 3. The OC 4. Lost 5. Pimp my ride. 6. JLA Unlimited
Id throw in the wwe in that category too if you can actually count it as a show. But I'll give it an honorable mention in any case. Well that's it for me for now.

Current Comic: Ultimate X-Men-Vaughan, Bloodsucker tales-by Steve Niles
Current Music: The killers-indie rock and roll.


Blogger M Rexin said...

You need terrible songs? I'll list a few off the top of my head, and I'll try to not make them all Hillary Duff songs
1. Lindsay Lohan-rumours
2. Eminem-Mosh
3. Simple Plan-welcome to my life
4. Soul decision-kiss the wall
5. Fefe Dobson-dont go(girls and boys)
I really should eliminate most of these artists since they are prone to making bad songs

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