Wednesday, December 08, 2004


So much rum, so little money. Anyway, while you ponder on that statement for a while let me tell you a few interesting things. One, I spent the majority of my day today either in car dealership's or downtown. Two, I don't have a working phone line other than my cell, which as I type this, is charging. Why don't I have a working phone line? We'll we really don't know, all I know is, at some point its going to be fixed. Three, I got my midterm paper back from my Political Science professor who informed me that I was about 2% away from an A. This resulted in my paper getting a mark of "B++". I kid you not.
Downtown, sucks during this time of year. Even for the middle of the day, stores are packed and there's no parking anywhere. All in all though, it was not that bad of a day. I got a few steps closer to acquiring a leather jacket. I picked up some Trade Paper Back's (which I wont get to read for awhile). My mom's, closer on her decision, on a car and laptop. I bought Angel season 4, and plan to start watching it tomorrow. And this weekend, I even slept on a boat. Anyway that about wraps things up here. Check back tomorrow, Im sure I'll have something else posted at somepoint.

Current Comic: Uncanny X-men-by Claremont, Gambit-by Layman, Rogue-By Rodi
Current Music: Jamie Cullum-high and dry, Jamie Cullum-I could have danced all night, The Killers-Mr. Brightside


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