Friday, December 31, 2004


So. Apparently, people want to know what's happening for New Years. So here's what I have envisioned. First, festivities will begin around 5pm. Mainly because that's when Graham gets off work. And frankly I have things to do before hand. Second (if and this is a big if)I will try and convince some people to go to karaoke with me. This may work better when we're all drunk. Third, we will be buying pizza from somewhere, so BRING MONEY! Second, I have a lot of rum and a lot of coke, however if people wish to drink other beverages then they must do so on their own accord. Finally for snack food, same goes, though I do have large amounts of Regular and Doritos, but if people want their own they must do so on their own accord.
Finally, if you need to contact me for questions regarding this New Years event, you can leave comments on my blog. Or call my cell. The day starts at 9:00 sharp for me tomorrow, but the night is still young. So Im off to hunt some vampires. And protect the world from the scourge of darkness. Lights out people!

Current Music: Spice Girls-wannabe, Sclub 7- S club party
Current Comic: Legion of Super Heroes- by Mark Waid, Excalibur-by Claremont


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How many people did you reserve for at the Keg?

1:38 AM


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