Saturday, January 01, 2005

The return of the durnken dunning

Alright. So New Years is officially over. Everyone's gone home. And Im more then a little bit drunk, though I don't feel it. And as I sit here, in my now Vacant room, with no flooring and or bed or anything really. I contemplate what the future will hold. Rexin has deemed 2005 to be the year of Dunning. Whether or not this turns out, remains to be seen. Damn Im drunk. Oh oi oi oi oi. Also I remember getting punched in the face by a man who, well doesn't go about punching people in the face. So I guess it was a little bit of a surprise.
Tomorrow, I have to paint my room, and were going downtown to look at a Lexus. I cant remember the other reason were going downtown right now, cause IM too god damn drunk. Also, my jaw is sore. What riches, wonderment and adventure awaits me in 2005? One can only guess. I have also thought of my New Years resolution, but if tell them too you now, they won't come true. Plus, I don't wanna tell you anyway, as I'll probably be laughed at. Which really is no suprise, as IM generally laughed at for doing stupid shit.
So, I guess that's that. I'll be posting my Reviews of 2004 within the next day or so. So check out for that. Maybe this truly will be the year I get things done, though I think IM going to have to sober up first.
Happy New Year......ya ingrate's!

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Blogger Graham said...

Again, I'm really sorry about the jaw. I wasn't trying to hit you. It was a playful gesture gone horribly awry. Hopefully your pain will be eased by the greatness of the video that Rexin got out of the whole incident.

4:00 AM

Blogger VG said...

Wow. What an incredible post. You should only blog when you're drunk.

2:15 PM

Blogger dinning said...

And you guys didn't believe me. I hope 3 pictures suffice.

4:25 PM


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